Wednesday, December 14, 2011

< Organic Casting Technique! > Golden Peach

After many days of having this video done, finally tackled the technological difficulties and managed to uploaded it :) 
Soo, this is a photo secuence of the Organic Casting Technique. It consists on making a plaster mold of anything organic. In this case, we all used fruits and vegetables for the class project. I used a half of a Peach and it is amazing all the detail the plaster manages to take in and reproduce. 

The process basically is: 
- taking the organic fruit and making a plaster mold out of it. 
- burning out the organic element in the kiln
- clean out the ashes from the mold 
- and use the negative mold of the Peach, to fill it with glass and 
now you have a Glass Peach!

- in this particular case, I decided to try Gilding (applying gold leaf) as a test piece to see the effect /color/ texture. 

I also made one Broccoli and came out very well! Later I'll post some more pictures!
~ photos by julibd ~