Wednesday, November 12, 2014


‘The Place and The Work’ Conference 
was held on Saturday 6, Sunday 7 September 2014 in Lyster, Scotland.

The main theme throughout this year’s Conference and Master Classes was to understand the impact our surroundings have over our research and development process as artists. By interacting with the particular surroundings of a moment, as artists we are challenged to explore and create intimate interpretations. These are directly linked to the particularities of the place and how our mind and body react to these new stimuli.

Northlands Creative Glass is the perfect example since its location is so remote. Its enchanting scenery and solitude, allow the mind to reboot and provoke creative exchanges.

One of the activities was during the first day was ‘Making Blowing Moulds from Clay’. This was a practical session using clay pressed into boxes to create blowing moulds. So everyone very happily got to take home his or her own design.

The presenters at the conference all spoke about their insights on the subject. I was personally drawn to Helen Maurer’s talk when she explained her development process and how she chooses ‘objects that speak of a former life’ and how these represent ‘relationship changes from time to time, depending on the life cycle’. She approaches the creative process by directly interacting with the materials of the moment and to later find it’s meaning. Take a look at the whole video here:
'The Rock Gardens was a solo show at Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, for much of the work I used drinking glasses placed on small revolving turntables. They were lit to produce moving shadow drawings on the wall, reminiscent of water, smoke and biological specimens. Some were filmed and looped, then projected on a large scale creating hypnotic effects as shadows slid down walls and moved between alcoves'. -Helen Maurer
**(Images and project information was taken from the artist's website ) 

To take a look at the whole panel of speakers, do reference the Event Details here.
Thanks to the support of Northlands Creative Glass and Creative Scotland, I had the chance to experience this great meet-up point for ideas to grow and develop in new directions.