Friday, December 5, 2014

QuickProject- Tap Dancing figurines

This Quick Project show the made up characters 'Cactus Flower' and the 'Golden Heritage Artifact' tap dancing to the beat of that Monday afternoon ;P

I want to create raw pieces that are put together sensibly through the joyfulness of play and explore the different materials to provoke the boundaries of what is art and its meaning. By challenging and appropriating traditional notions of originality, the mixture of media and their juxtaposition will end up attributing more character to the compositions and portray a richer narrative; consequently developing my artistic identity.

Durning the next couple of months I will be pushing myself in a new direction. I want to document in a more dynamic way my visual development, research and narrative that unfold from the intuitive dialogue between the objects and myself during the development of a piece. I want to push video as a research method that will become the storyteller of the characters created and their personalities.  These videos will be the window for the audience to connect with the artwork, encourage understanding and discussion, and hopefully provoke inspirational responses in the future. Or just have a laugh...