Sunday, May 18, 2014

quick project- 16may14

The last couple of weeks have been filled with getting things done in preparation for Collect 2014 and after being away for a week in London, I come back to the studio ready to work. I got lots of great feedback and I'm buzzing with new ideas. While talking to people at the exhibition about my work, the more I repeated and explained my concept, the better I interiorized what drives me to create and why. Especially, I have been pondering on the importance of preciousness and the role this concept plays on the development of my work.  

Preciousness not only represents valuable objects, but more so ideas. I find that my quick projects are precious because they jump start creativity and led to the creation of new ideas. And this friday I treated myself to a day of playing in the workshop to recharge batteries and start fresh.

So this is the particular reasoning behind this quick project: 1.My friend Che gave me one of the porcelain bowls he works with. I was drawn to the material and had an impulse to interact with its form. 2.Engraving or taking away to create pattern. Love how the diamond 'v' wheel creates a pattern that reminds me of leaves and nature-like arrangement. 3.Applying paint to use markings as a stamp. 4.Beautiful prints as product of the engraving. 5.Different mark-making with black pen to create more texture. 6.Cut-outs of the pattern. These remind me as if I was looking into a microscope and seeing tiny organisms. 7-8.From the off-cuts of the paper, played with the paper and created these mini 2D sculptures.

I love to document these type of exercises because these are the starting points to great ideas. Giving myself the time to execute and play around with the material without anticipating the outcome. 

~Photos by julibd~