Wednesday, August 24, 2011

< New Finished Work > White Curtain

I'm very excited to show off my new project! This is my most recent Commissioned work for Durman, a factory that produces PVC pipes, among other things. I used their own products to built this curtain and the outcome was: amazing wall art specially made  for their executive offices.
What do you think?

Description of the work:
Size: 38'' x30''
# of pipes: 885
# of metal rings: 1,292
# of hanging rods: 3
Weight: 27 kg

Title: "White Curtain" Commissioned work
Inspiration: PVC products/ colors, shapes & sizes.
Medium: PVC pipes, metal rings & stainless steel hanging rods. 
Year: Aug. 2011
Framed Dimensions: 38'' x 30''
Photography: julibd
Price: $- SOLD


  1. Gracias!! que dicha que les gustó :) ahorita posteo el otro a ver cual les gusta más jeje