Monday, June 25, 2012

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Hello there! I am very excited because I just finished my first year of postgrad studies! The best thing is that I decided to stay for the two year program so this means that I have had more time for the exploration of new techniques that I had never tried before. Of course, I fell in love with some of the most complicated techniques: glass blowing and glass engraving. These techniques will take me many, many years to master, but I've enjoyed them soooo much, that I am very excited to see where this leads me...
If you have noticed, I haven't posted much since I've been a little busy. But now that I'm officially in vacation, my only task is to photoshop a bunch of pictures to share my progress with you. So here we go!
This is a glass tumbler that was blown by Ingrid (our technician) and Meg (artist in residence). Since this was one of their trial pieces for their new line and didn't end up using, they gave it to me :D It has a lovely shape and I decided to engrave a simple pattern on the bottom. The coolest thing is that since the bottom of the glass is thick, the engraving is mirrored and therefor looks like it multiplied! Making this a very delicate and simple way to add intrest to your new set of tumblers.  
Let me know of you are interested in a set of these, we can make them specially for you and ship them over :0)
~ photos by julibd ~

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