Friday, January 11, 2013

< Visual Exploration & Studio Work come together/Part 2>

{Moss from our walk to Arthur's Seat and engraved sample from the "Cut" series}

{organic lettuce at the farmer's market on Castle Road and tiny engraved perfume bottles/ clear glass}

{amazing ceiling at the David H. Koch Theater- Lincoln Center and bottom of engraved manufactured glass bottle}

{nyc lilac, cream and mint lettuce that looks like lace and engraved turquoise blank}

{vibrant pitangas from our graden back in Costa Rica and engraved pattern on decanter}

{double shadow of beer in plastic cup and shaping molten glass on the iron}

"Visual Exploration & Studio Work come together: Part 2 " So the collection continues to grow. I feel this is a very simple yet effective way of communicating my inspiration and showing the links to my studio work. These reference my creative process as an artist and it is easier for the spectator to relate to my world. As you can appreciate, I am drawn to the patterns and textures from my surroundings and how they are translated and appropriated into my work.
~ photos by julibd ~

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